Affidavit & Statutory Declaration Documentation in Surrey

Affidavit & Statutory Declaration Documentation in Surrey

As notaries public, Nev Virk Notary Corp has the authority to administer an oath and record an affidavit – a statement made in writing of facts that you, our client, affirm. Affidavits are used most often as evidence in court proceedings. Statutory declarations are similar to affidavits in that they are written statements of fact. If you need an affidavit or statutory declaration documentation in Surrey, contact Virk Notary Corp today.

There are a wide variety of purposes for affidavits and statutory declarations. While not exhaustive, this list offers a glimpse of their legal purposes.

Some documents include notarized statements for:

  • Court and other legal matters
  • Renewing passports
  • Other lost or damaged identification
  • Various other lost certificates
  • Verification of birth particulars
  • Renunciation of rights to a deceased's estate
  • Complaints
  • Non-registered vehicle, unregistered truck or unregistered trailer
  • Surrender certificates
  • Proof of identity, marriage, common-law relationship, divorce, residence and employment
  • Translations
  • Life certificates
  • Renewing a Canadian permanent-resident card
  • Pharmacist document evaluation
  • Meeting Visa requirements and other international requirements
  • Lost or damaged passports
  • Passports expired more than 6 months
  • Lost marriage certificates
  • Filing certain types of police reports
  • Never-issued birth certificates
  • No objection for bank or property transfers
  • Change of name
  • Insurance corporation of British Columbia related insurance claims
  • Certificate of non-impediment
  • Same-name confirmation
  • Interpreters
  • Non-marriage certificates
  • Child benefits
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Meeting the requirements of a foreign consulate or embassy
  • Surrender certificates
  • Change of appearance
  • Lost education certificates
  • Sponsorships and various immigration matters
  • Power-of-attorney acceptance
  • Holdback release and construction draws
  • Vehicle transfer
  • Other insurance matters, such as proof of loss
  • Various marriage purposes
  • Child travel
  • Various property and banking matters
  • Various types of authorizations
  • Fuel-tax refund for persons with disabilities
  • Admission into various professional bodies

Other documents include:

  • Notarized affidavit for PharmaCare
  • Notarized personal net worth statements
  • Notarized revocation of power of attorney
  • Statutory declarations made in accordance with the Income Tax Act
  • Notarized affidavit of witness